Star Running Back Finishes Season

Jennifer Anima, Reporter

Joe Williams is the starting running back for the 2019-2020 Football season. He totaled 1,167 yards and 11 touchdowns.

Williams grew up in Wichita with a love for the game starting off on his little league team, the Trojans. He played with the Trojans from 1st through 7th grade and then switched to the Colts. The summer between his 7th and 8th grade year he transitioned to the Wichita Aztecs where he found his forever family.

His decision to play for North was simple, most of his Aztec teammates were going to be playing for the Redskin team. “I wanted to change the program,” Williams said.

Williams played his Freshman, Junior, and Senior year on Varsity. Williams struggled with his classes sophomore year but is now on the road to making those credits up. Out of the three years, it was Williams Junior year where he felt he was at his peak. “I was in better shape mentally and physically compared to this year,” Williams said.

The Varsity football team went 0-9 this season but did not take away from Williams’ senior year. For the team, William expresses it was not a good season but shares more disappointment in himself. “For me I feel like I could’ve had a better season. I had high expectations and I really didn’t meet them so I felt like I had a bad season,” Williams said.

Some of Williams takeaways from the football team is how to play aggressively and to never give up under any circumstances. Leaving it all on the field is what is most important to Williams. “Just because your record says something, just go do what you got to do,” Williams said.

Playing football at the JUCO level is Williams next step, with a deep interest in becoming a firefighter. Some of the schools Williams has been looking at have been Iowa Western; Hutchinson Community College; and Butler Community College. After two years at a JUCO, Williams hopes to transfer to a D1 College. The steps Williams will take before starting at a JUCO will be letting his shoulder heal, and staying in shape and conditioning until the 2020 Track season starts.

By being apart of the class of 2020 , Williams hopes to leave their leadership, competitiveness, and high expectations for future players. “I feel like after we leave they’ll carry it on,” Williams said.

This year, he was nominated to be the North High Torchbearer for the 2019-2020 Bonfire. “It felt good even though we almost fell by the bridge,” Williams said.