Airpods 1 vs 2 vs Pro

Raul Reyes, Reporter

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Apple just released the new Airpods Pro, and the world is going crazy about them. They are not called Airpods 3- they are called Airpods Pro. The Airpods 1 and 2 are similar. The major difference is that the 2nd generation has wireless charging which costs $40 more, making them $200 total.

Now with the Airpods 3, they are $250. The biggest change is the look. They are smaller and have a shorter stem, and in my opinion look better. Some new changes are that they are water resistant, they can read your messages with Siri, they can custom-fit your ear, among other features. But by far the most fascinating thing about them is that they have noise cancellation. You can squeeze the stem to activate it, or you can activate it with your phone or Apple Watch. They sound about the same as the 1 and 2, but better quality can be expected with the noise cancellation feature.

I would recommend them to anyone wanting to buy them.