Apple’s New Emojis

Maleah Evans , Reporter

In Apple’s iOS 13.2 update, there are a whole bunch of emojis being introduced. There are emojis for people with disabilities, gender-neutral people, and many others. There’s a total of 398 new emojis being introduced.

In the new update there are even new animals like the otter and sloth, new heart colors like white and brown, and new foods like waffles and coconut. There’s also a feature that’ll let you chose the skin of color of one individual in the couple emojis. There’s also more miscellaneous emojis like a banjo and a para-glider.

Bilhah Benji who is a sophomore says that she thinks that Apple including disabled emojis is great, she didn’t know they were doing that. “Why exclude someone, we all have these emojis for us, why can’t gender-neutral people have them?” Benji says. She said if the new emojis interest her, she plans on using them. She hasn’t seen the new ones yet, so doesn’t know what her favorite is.

Alexa Almeda is also a sophomore, she thinks that the new emojis are a cool way of letting people express who they are. “I think that’s an awesome way to include those with disabilities,” Alexa said. She said she plans on using the new emojis. She doesn’t have a favorite because she hasn’t seen them yet.

Both of the people interviewed agree that these new emojis are a good idea and that it’s good that Apple is including everyone in their new update.