Saint Frances film review

A simple review of a short film displayed at Tallgrass Film Festival.

Alyssa Goerzen, Writer

Last weekend, several North High students went to volunteer at the Tallgrass Film Festival. In between our shifts, we had the opportunity to watch the short films that were playing at the Orpheum. One of the short films that were presented to us was Saint Frances. Saint Frances tackled difficult topics such as abortion, mental health, and the societal pressures on women to have children/play a motherly role.

The main character of the film, Bridget, was portrayed by actress Kelly O’Sullivan, who handled topics that might be uncomfortable for some audiences in a new and sophisticated manner that made them seem like casual conversation starters. “I think the topics in the film were executed very well,” said Johnah Grant, a fellow volunteer at the film festival and a student at North High.

I felt the film was positively unique in its nature, and I’m yet to see another film that measures up to it both emotionally and progressively. The film will manipulate your emotions in a way you’ll miss just minutes after you leave the theater, and leave you begging for more. The variety of emotions you’ll experience is almost immeasurable. I laughed, I cried, and I loved the film. I had the opportunity to speak with O’Sullivan afterward, and I can honestly say it felt like I was meeting an idol. She was and is an idol in the sense that she did what other people might find strenuous and difficult, and she made it look like she did it easily.

I would strongly recommend seeing this movie or otherwise researching. No matter what your political or personal views are, it will broaden your horizons and make you see things in a new light.