Meet the Freshman Tennis Players.

Grace Claudio and Wendy Martinez

Rodah Benji (left)
Valentina Fierros (right)

Tennis started on August 19, 2019. After two long weeks of tryouts, these two freshman were the only ones left, making Junior Varsity. The two freshman are Rodah Benji and Valentina Fierros.

Benji said she just wanted to try something new for a change and thought of tennis because she has never played before. She also thinks that she feels more pressure because she is a freshman, but she has improved since the first game. Joining Tennis has made her more social and she has made more friends.

Fierros said that she wanted to join the team to learn and experience something new because she had never played on a team before.  She doesn’t feel any pressure being a freshman, but she has improved her skills. She plans to continue playing in the future because she really enjoyed this year. Joining Tennis has given her the chance to meet a lot of new people.

These two have enjoyed playing tennis so much that they think you should try tennis if you are looking for a sport to play next year!