Cameras see more then eyes do ๐Ÿ‘€

Dorely Espinoza and Alexa Almeda

This 2019-2020 school year, our staff added at least 10 new cameras to the building, including 360 rotating cameras- two of them that rotate in every direction. The 360 cameras are located in the main hall. One of them is in the intersection of A hall and B hall. While the other is located in the main entrance.ย  These 360 cameras do not only get better footage but they also record audio. There are about 58 cameras located around the whole building.

‘There are exactly 34 cameras indoors and 24 cameras outdoors. These cameras are located in every hallway, including hidden corners,” said Officer Larkins. This makes it possible for anyone to be seen on at least one camera at all times. All of the cameras see 24/7 and come with night vision mode, making it possible to catch all of crimes committed on school grounds.

Although, cameras are designed to see at all times, these security cameras only record when movement has been detected. After movement has been detected, the camera goes back a few seconds to record whatever happened a few seconds before the movement was detected.

One of the crimes that the camera’s helped capture includes the incident that happened where a van ran into the east side of the building in front of the athletic director’s office. The night vision mode on the cameras helped identify who the suspects were. “We were able to see the perpetrators’ clothing and faces clearly, along with the van’s license plate” said Officer Larkins. That footage was later given to the police after careful inspection.