How Did Our Teachers Spend Quarantine?

Grace Claudio, Reporter

Teenagers spent our quarantine, quarantined, others worked, partied, or travel. besides the unknowing of who did what, we know it was one of those options; but have you thought about how our teachers spent their quarantine?

I talked to a math, a history, and a automotive teacher about what they did with their time and some of the answers were surprising to say the least. We have someone who plays ultimate frisbee, someone that has their own podcast, and someone worked outside at a golf course all summer.

They were asked how the spent their quarantine, if they had picked up new hobbies or activities, how they kept in touch with their loved ones, and if they had to find a job.

Mrs. Harms, a math teacher, said she spent her quarantine¬† with her family and went on runs or bike rides. She also stated “Over the spring and summer, I actually tried out for and joined an ultimate frisbee team in Wichita. Don’t worry – we wear masks while we play!” She also learned new recipes with her mother-in-law, including how to make donuts.

In the summer she stated she usually works at a summer camp as a counselor but because of the virus she could not. Instead she stayed home saying she is thankful her husband’s job was steady throughout the summer. it was also easy for her to stay in touch with people if the had social media and spent time with family while limiting exposure.

Mr. McCoskey, a history teacher, spent his quarantine with reality TV shows and his wife and his dog while also spending as much time staying active as possible; such as going on long walks. He used the extra time in quarantine to double up on graduate courses. He also grew his history podcast, Make History Dope Again, that he and Mr. Cornett have together.

“My Wife and I both teach and so we were fortunate enough to be able to stay home and ride out the spread of COVID-19, though we realize how fortunate we have been!”

Mr. Long, an automotive teacher, spent spring break till the end of the school year teaching from home having to learn how to teach from a computer was something he had to manage. He got a job at a golf mowing Monday through Friday.

“I spent the time at home, but I do work in the summer time to get out and enjoy the weather; and to relax from the stress of teaching.”

He kept in touch with family by phone or in person because most of his family did not have internet or a computer.