Senior Layla Sabrah,  youngest of all her four siblings and future mechanical engineer, joined North's media team her freshman year because talking to people was a struggle. She wanted to be involved in North's activities and spread the word but her shyness restricted her from doing so. This class,in a way, forced her to go out of her comfort zone and got to interview/talk to new people. After high school, Sabrah aspires to be a mechanical engineer & take her love for cars and planes to the next level. "I've always loved them (cars & planes) so being a (mechanical engineer) would be amazing." In her spare time she enjoys writing poetry about the different emotions a teenager is bound to go through. She is heavily inspired by Muhammed Ali and Malcom X. One of the quotes she lives by is by one of her favorite people, Bob Dylan, "Inspiration is hard to come by, you have to take it where you find it."

Marlen Castaneda, Reporter

Sep 12, 2017
Fun at Family Fiesta (Story)