A walk in the park, why it’s good for students


Karla Cardenas Pasten

Karla Cardenas Pasten, Reporter

Life as a student can become suffocating especially when classes are challenging, the workload is stressful, and tiredness becomes a companion. A few minutes walking through the park, however, can provide students with a refreshed mind and strength to carry on with everyday life.

“As a student I can say that going to the park is a perfect way to relieve stress, especially when going with a group of friends. As a Junior and BioMed student, I’ve had days in which I don’t go out at all and stay home and study. The times, however that I go out for a walk or hangout at the park after school gives me a sense of joy and happiness,” Junior Grace Stark said.

Stepping out into the sunlight to enjoy the different shades of nature is proven to increase one’s health and happiness. Parks offer mood-enhancing environments which in turn offer a sense of relief and inner peace. Aside from that, there are opportunities to meet up with friends, play sports, and eat something yummy, all while benefiting from the view of nature. 

As seen through research, taking a quick walkthrough nature can benefit your mental and physical state in more than one way. According to an article written by the National Recreation and Park Association, individuals that frequent parks reported having lower stress and frustration levels while having a higher life satisfaction. Frequenting green spaces is also associated with improved blood pressure and cholesterol levels, improved general health perceptions and a greater ability to face problems. Aside from that, it has also been stated that people who visit parks have a lower risk of developing mental disorders. 

Maybe visiting a park isn’t your cup of tea or it may not seem as relaxing as taking a nap or listening to music, but parks have more surprises than you can think of. Some parks offer astonishing views of rivers, ponds, and lakes while others offer an opportunity to see animals up close. Not only that, but the sound of birds singing and the leaves swaying with the wind can become more soothing than any piece created by Beethoven.