Varsity Basketball Boys looks up to the season !


Adriana Bernal and Paola Cordero

North High’s boy varsity basketball team has been chosen and they’re looking forward to this season. This year’s varsity basketball players are Jahaziel Rojas , Jonathan Acosta, Ryan Hunter, Antonio Cordero, Dao Nguyen and Jeremiah Randall, Dayvon Carter and Tre’von Wilson.

Many of the players have been playing since they were young so they have experience. Some have role models and they have helped them in the way they play basketball. These players look up to many of the famous basketball players due to there skills and techniques they use while playing. As Randall stated, “I don’t have a role model as much as I have people that I don’t want to end up like. So i just work to be great as good as I can personally.”

Making varsity was a challenge for some of the players, but each of the players had confidence and many had practiced since the summer on there skills. Acosta stated, “I feel pretty good and pretty confident in my skills.” Due to the player’s confidence they have improved there skill’s on basketball. Nguyen stated ” I improved a lot if I knew what I knew today about the game I’d be the coldest dude out there.”

The basketball boys are looking forward to the season and they are very excited to see what they accomplish during the games. We are looking forward to see our varsity basketball team succeed in the season.