Traffic Nightmare

As many students and parents have experienced this school year, the traffic at the beginning and end of the school day is frustrating.

Students and parents have expressed how they feel and it isn’t great. Unlike previous years, there is only one gate open in the Dillons parking lot, which is the gate along 13th street. The only other gate open is the one next to the ATC building. In the pass years, there have been multiple gates open, allowing traffic to flow easier unlike this year.

“I think it’s terrible that it takes our students in traffic until 3:45 to leave when school lets out of 3:10,” Security Guard DeShonn Larkins said.

Another security guard, Officer Vetaw expressed how he felt about it. “It’s a mess, it’s a safety hazard. It should be back to the way it was in my opinion.”

The security guards overall did not get a say in how the traffic is being directed this year. They are trying to make a change.

Administration plays a huge role in the decision making for how things flow with the traffic. We asked Ms. Wyatt, the administer of academy two, why administration decided to make the change of only having one exit open. “We are trying to watch the traffic flow and if we have many exits open the everyone will be trying to go everywhere.” Ms. Wyatt explained¬† if changes will be made throughout the year. ” This new system will be a learning curve for a minute, most students are already creating their own systems and trying to work with ours.”

This nightmare of traffic after school truly just affects the students and parents. We got an insight from some parents and students. Student Nayeli Martinez said, “I think the traffic is bad, there is no system. They should maybe let out seniors first then let everyone else out.” The school needs a system that works for everyone. Students are walking father to be picked up to avoid the long wait.

A parent who was waiting in line after school said, “I believe it is way better to pick my kid up away from the school. There is just too much going on at once. We have found a system for works for us.”

Everyone is still adapting to the new school year. There are always room for things to be improved.