[video credit="" align="left"][/video]Rosalia is currently a sophomore who plays for the soccer team here. The thing she likes most about North is how we have such great school spirit. Rosalia is definitely going to college, she’s not exactly sure which college she plans on going to but, she wants to play soccer there and also major in journalism. Her favorite classes at North are, journalism and US History 1. She is ready and confident for the day she becomes a senior and graduates. In Rosalia’s free time, she loves to play soccer, be on social media, binge watch, and read. Rosalia also likes to be around her friends and just hang out. “ I love to play soccer in my free time especially with my friends.” Rosalia said. Her favorite band is Twenty One Pilots, she doesn’t have a favorite genre of music but she just likes anything that is good. Rosalia was born in Wichita Ks and has three siblings, two sisters and a brother.

Ami Kurtz, Reporter

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